Private Postural Yoga

Work one-on-one with Amy to create better balance in your body and your life.

Postural Yoga is a method of healing created by Amy to help practitioners find balance, reduce pain, and protect their body from future injuries to come. Along with her extensive yoga background, Amy is a certified movement and postural analyst with Tom Myers. Through her training, she can “read” your bodies imbalances. She will discover where your need strength and flexibility and work to create the balance of the two. Through genetics and habitual patterns, we are all in misalignment. These imbalances are a big cause of chronic pain in the body and will eventually lead to injury. This work can alleviate your chronic pain, rehabilitate and prevent injuries, enhance performance, and help you feel more comfortable and confident in your own yoga practice.

Postural yoga is not just a physical practice. Amy holds a strong belief in the mind/body connection. If the physical body is brought into better alignment, the energetic/emotional body will also become more balanced. Amy uses breathing exercises and meditative techniques to help to bring the nervous system back into balance and to create an awareness of our thoughts and feelings. This work can help to release stress, work past emotional blocks, and improve relationships.

Postural Yoga is the most effective healing modality out there because it utilizes the three main techniques for treating imbalances in the physical body: strengthening, stretching, and massaging. It also targets a major emotional reason for pain in the body: stress. With a combination of assisted stretches, hands on adjustments, breathing and meditative techniques, directional rolling, traditional yoga asana, and working with your body’s natural “misalignment”, Amy brings balance to your physical and energetic body.

“Amy made my back feel so good, I could get back on the golf course. She is a wonderful teacher and a lovely person.” Jack Welch

Jack Welch Management Institute

Private Sessions

Private one hour sessions are available in packages of 5 & 10 sessions. Use the contact form below to schedule your first appointment.


Payment is accepted via cash or check on the first visit. You will be emailed an appointment reminder & can reschedule 24 hours in advance.

Cancellation Policy

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy, If you cancel for any reason without proper notice, the full amount of the session will be charged.
“My private postural yoga sessions with Amy have been life-changing.  I had neurosurgery for a herniated cervical disk, and though the surgery fixed the structural problem, I had persistent muscular pain for years.  Amy used her deep knowledge of both yoga and physiology to correct my structural imbalances.  I have been pain-free since we started working together, and I have been able to resume activities like running and bicycling that I thought I had to give up.  Amy is an amazing teacher and human being, and I feel grateful every day that she came into my life.”
Sejal P.

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